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French voice over

French native male voice over talent for all your voice-over projects such as TV and radio commercials, documentaries, and also corporate, presentations, e-learning, motion design and audio guides.

I am Yacine, a french voice actor online with an extensive experience working on more than 1000 projects since 2014, recording for the world’s most famous brands, such as Google, Amazon, Airbnb, BMW, Senneheiser, Unicef and Johnson & Johnson.

I have a Professional home studio and record for different clients around the world.

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french voice over - native french male voice actor

french voice acting portfolio

French voice over demo reel


This is my demo reel corporate, motion design, commercial, narration and E-learning.

Download the mp3 file

TV commercial – Inspiring


TV commercial for Sorefi, with an inspiring, convincing, smooth and calm voice.

Download the mp3 file

MAISONS DU MONDE – friendly – dynamic


Motion design for Maisons du Monde with a dynamic, natural and friendly tone of voice.

Download the mp3 file



French voice over for Verizon. Narration, convincing and smooth.

Download the mp3 file



My tone for this project is fun, dynamic and smiling.

Download the mp3 file



For the last portfolio, here’s a storytelling for Fongecif with a smooth, natural and smiling voice.

Download the mp3 file

Access to the french voice over demo page to listen
and download corporate demos

Voice over recording informations

french voice over microphone

In order to help the voice actor/actress to establish the rate of the voice over project, it is necessary to know the answer to the following questions :

  • firstly, what is the project ? Motion design, TV spot, corporate film, web or radio commercial, explainer, billboard, documentary, cartoon, audiobook, audio guide, E-learning
  • Secondly, what is the broadcast ? TV, DVD edition, radio, cinema, web, business (internal), presentation, youtube / vimeo, youtube pre-roll, social networks, etc.
  • Thirdly, what is the length ? For information, 150 words = 1 minute, 300 words = 2 minutes, 750 words = 5 minutes, 1500 words = 10 minutes, etc.
  • and finally, for how long ? 1 year, 2 years, unlimited

You can view details of the voiceover options offered by viewing the voice over services here.

Check my video demos on my youtube channel !

infos about the voice over project

Because text changes following the delivery will take extra work, therefore they will be charged. Will also be charged cutting and renaming the files, as well as syncing the voice to a timecode provided.

Please find below further details :

  • The audio will be delivered in a professional broadcast quality
  • For the audio format, it will be available in wav, mp3, 16 bit/48 khz, and also up to 24 bit/96 khz
  • The files delivered will be edited and cleaned
  • the turnaround is 24/48 hours after signing the estimate and delivering the script for the french voice-over. There might be some variations depending on the length of the content.
  • Payment deadline is within 30 days after reception of the invoice
  • And the deadline of retakes without text changes is 20 days.

microphone pour comédien voix off

Some questions before starting a voiceover project

briefing pour le comédien voix off

Here are some elements that help the voice actor meet the customer’s expectations :

  • First, the type of voice-over project ; is it a commercial, audio book, documentary, corporate.
  • Second, the character, his energy and also the tone such as dynamic, smooth, calm, reassuring, explaining.
  • Then the objective of the character, reassure, explain, raise awareness, sell, tell a story ?
  • Also knowing who the audience is important ; professional, individuals, everyone, employees, friends ?
  • Finally, the relationship with the audience: friendly, professional, etc.

Let me know your voice over project, and I will send you a detailed voice over quote.

About me

First of all, I’ve always been captivated by the voice actors. My sister, my brother and I had a record player with a lot of vinyls that included some tales from Grimm, Perrault, Jonathan Swift, and also fables from La Fontaine among others.

We were indeed fascinated by all these voices that activated our imagination and made us live all these extraordinary stories. As I was very young, I was first wondering how these little beings telling the stories were able to live in this vinyl !?

A few years later I started practicing theater, I had the honor to participate to 3 Avignon’s festivals, and also to travel and meet extraordinary people. While I was practicing theater and playing on stage, I kept this fascination for voice over in mind, and I hoped that one day I would have the opportunity to learn and know more about the voice over world.

I was glad to attend classes and learn from great french voice over professionals. I continue to apply what I have learnt for the differents voice over projects I work on,  Whether for corporate, audiobook, audio guide, documentary or commercial projects.

I had the honor to record my voice for great brands such as Google, Apple, Airbnb, Unicef, Amazon, BMW, Unesco, Uber, ING, Western Union, Orange, Lions Club, Toyota, HSBC, Lyons Club and many others !

To me, each recording is unique, unlike any other, and I am having so much fun bringing life to different scripts and switching from one character to another !

You can access all my french voice over demos here.

Follow my latest french voice over news to get news on my latest projects !

image d'un microphone à condensateur