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You can filter the audio voiceover demos by tone by clicking on the links below.

Those demos are extracts from different genres of multimedia projects such as commercials, corporate, elearning, billboard TV , documentaries, audibook, etc.

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voice over demo reel

French voice medley with different genres. length : 1:45 Different ton and energy. Download the mp3 file...

Maisons du Monde – friendly- dynamic – natural

Voice over project for Maisons du Monde. Length : 0:19 Tone and energy : friedly, natural and dynamic. Download the mp3 file...

Amazon Marketing Services – commercial

Commercial for Amazon Marketing Services. length : 0:25 tone and energy : explainer and dynamic.
Download the mp3 file...

voice over – bell – natural – explainer – dynamic

Voice over project for Bell. length : 0:25 tone and energy : natural, explainer et dynamic. Download the mp3 file...

documentary – calm – aventurous – narration

Voice over fro a documentary. length : 0:29 Tone and energy : calm, narration, aventurous. Download the mp3 file...

TV commercial for Lidl – calm – smooth

Tv commercial for Lidl. length : 0:30 Tone and energy : calm smooth and reassuring. Download the mp3 file...